Georgian House, Whitehaven: Much More Than Just Pub Grub


The picture above tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the Georgian House restaurant in Whitehaven. You just need to go! It’s a pretty and understated place from the outside, nestled amongst the terraced Georgian houses in one of the town’s historic side-streets. When we stepped inside I wasn’t sure we were in the right place, and was pretty sure we had stepped into somebody’s living room, which I suppose it once was. We followed a narrow corridor up carpeted stairs, at which point I was convinced we were going to walk in on an innocent family and ruin their Friday evening. These fears were thankfully allayed when we emerged into the second floor bar and lounge area. The bar had everything you’d expect, including a good selection of bottled ales which is always a sure fire way to put me in a good mood and a really decent house red.

We took a seat in the lounge, where all diners can relax over a pre-meal drink and order their food before being shown to their table. The lounge was contemporary and comfortable for those of us that had seats; maybe it was because it was a busy Friday night, but there weren’t enough seats for all the waiting diners, with some people having to stand making the lounge feel a little crowded.

Looking at the menu I turned to the last page and was happily surprised find a selection of tapas, although I think the side order menu had also been wedged into it; I’m not sure many tapas bars in Spain serve black pudding mash (although they probably should). So if you’re looking for the standard side orders like chips and garlic bread etc., that’s where they are. We ordered 3 tapas for our starters: the halloumi and vegetable skewers (excellent), the chicken and chorizo skewers (also excellent), and the breaded calamari with garlic mayonnaise (totally excellent). This was tapas, but it was Cumbrian tapas, and by that I mean the portions were huge.

Our waitress came over to take our order and we were soon escorted back downstairs to the restaurant, where we were greeted by the same warm, stylish décor as in the lounge. As you can see from the photo, I ordered the imposing sounding ‘Big G’ burger. I love a burger, and whilst living in Manchester have been enjoying the expanding burger restaurant market in recent years, but this burger was special. I first sensed this entity approaching when it eclipsed the lights as the waiter carried it over. For those of you thinking I’m greedy, the menu didn’t actually say it was a double burger, another example of standard Cumbrian portions. The burger itself was of a very high quality, clearly made from prime cuts of meat and as tasty as any I have ever eaten. I knew it was good when I realised I was ignoring the sweet potato fries that it came with, which were also very tasty but I just couldn’t shift my attention from the challenge of the Big G in front of me.

The unusually high quality of the ‘pub grub’ dishes available allow the restaurant to serve them alongside some more sophisticated and adventurous dishes on its menu, making it an excellent choice for people seeking honest, quality food, nicely presented, served with a smile . The restaurant has not got carried away with itself because of its quality, the prices are more than reasonable in my opinion given the standard of the food and the size of the portions.

All staff were engaging and very friendly, and I would definitely recommend the Georgian House to anybody looking to eat in the area. If you’re looking to eat there, take a look at their menu here

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